Ms. Anita Van Ham
ab...from the Locker Room

I am very excited to accept this new challenge of teaching the Physical Education program to grades 1-6 this year. The program is designed with a new mindset of structure towards skill development, sportsmanship/team building, understanding of what physical literacy is, and building confidence while promoting the importance of staying active and healthy.  I’m pleased to introduce my co-partner, Mr. Calvin Heller, who offers a great deal to the program due to his previous involvement in coaching hockey, baseball, and tennis.

We have had a busy start to the year developing and understanding movement through drill relays, obstacle courses, and Tae Bo.  Students have been busy and active working hard at their skipping skills for “Jump Rope for Heart”. We are impressed not only of the overall improvement of their skills, but the interest the students have expressed towards participating in skipping every day! Other activities have been football, soccer, floor hockey, introduction to different games, and now working on basketball skills.

Upcoming events are “Jump Rope for Heart” - pledge forms are due October 24, 2018.  Students have worked so hard at skipping; hopefully our fundraising can work hard at helping others survive with heart disease. The grade 5/6 Third Annual Hoopfest is on October 27, 2018 @CHHS.

 “Thank You!” “Thank you!”  A HUGE shout out goes out to George Davison Parent Council for donating money towards new equipment for the gym.  This large donation not only was for the much needed equipment, but assists us in helping deliver a skilled based P.E. program that benefits all of our George Davison students.  Thank you so much Parent Council, you truly are the best!

Stay healthy and active!

Ms. A. Van Ham Mr. C. Heller
Phys-ed Teacher
Phys-ed Educational Assistant